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Based in Las Vegas

If I visit your location it must be clean and NON-smoking. Please leave compensation on the counter in the bathroom for me to collect upon arrival.

If you visit my Las Vegas location you can deduct $50 off the requested fee.  When you arrive please lay the gift on the coffee table in front of the couch, then excuse yourself to the bathroom. This is your time to wash your hands (required), freshen up, shower or anything else you may want to do. My place is located just west of The Strip, and about 10 minutes from the airport.


Gifts: please see my SPOIL ME page for gift ideas

New 2022 Rates

1 Hours $700
90 Minutes $900
2 Hours $1100
3 Hours $1500
4 Hours lunch/dinner $1800
6 Hours  $2400

8 Hours $3200

12 Hours - $3600

Add $200 per hour for Special Affairs listed below:

Role playing
Outfit requests


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